April 11, 2016

I've just posted my
Passover Song Series -
four videos that help teach the passover story to preschool-age children.

check it out.





Feb. 18, 2016

I'm anticipating the first New York reading of NC-17,  a new play by Rodney Hicks. This provocative play features six of my indie folk songs.

Rodney has been working on this project for 13 years, and he and I have collaborated on it for two years. Can't wait to hear this amazing cast of Broadway actors bring the play to life.

The reading is March 7, 2016.

Learn more at


Dec. 2, 2015

I'm creating videos for parents and teachers of preschool-age children.

Music is not only a way to have fun with your child, or pass the hours with a wide-awake kid at 3 AM. Music is critical to cognitive, social, linguistic and aesthetic development. It's key to everything! Kids need it!

So why, when I go to YouTube, can't I find videos giving parents and teachers the a) Lyrics, b) Melody and -- most important! --
c) Hand Motions for preschool songs?

Problem solved.

Here's a sample.